Synergy Workplace Investigations counts several major Australian law firms, among its regular clients.

Workplace Investigations for legal professionalsThese firms call upon our investigative expertise in situations where a corporate client may have a complex misconduct matter at hand and a formal workplace investigation is required in order for the facts of the matter to be established, thereby allowing accurate advice to be given as to the correct and legally defensible course of action.

Engaging an external investigator has the following benefits:

  • Perception of bias is eliminated. If in-house counsel is engaged to carry out the investigation so as to obtain the protection of legal professional privilege, it is necessary for him or her to demonstrate a necessary degree of independence from the organisation, despite the employment relationship, in carrying out the role of investigator. In the circumstances of an investigation, there may be a challenge to the notion that the in-house counsel has the requisite level of independence. Where doubt exists, external legal advisors should be used.

  • Assurance of a thorough, procedurally sound and legally robust investigative process following the rules of procedural fairness and other legislative requirements (eg. unfair dismissal laws and surveillance laws)

  • Less onerous on internal resources for your client and your firm yet still protected by legal professional privilege

If your firm is looking for a reliable, experienced and best practice-orientated workplace investigator, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your matter and how we can help.