Our expert team of licensed workplace investigators, accredited mediators and HR and IT professionals, has decades of combined experience across a wide range of government and private sector environments. Our team is drawn from a range of investigative backgrounds from policing to internal government investigations and not-for-profit care organisations. All have experience with a wide range of complex investigations in the workplace and are used to interacting with all parts of an organisation from factory floor to Board level.

Synergy Workplace Investigation Team

Glen Thomasen

Founder | Director

Glen looks after daily operations, developing and implementing growth strategy while ensuring the company conducts all of its business activities in compliance with legal, regulatory and company policy, controls and standards. Glen is also an experienced investigator with an extensive background in surveillance and factual investigation. Glen uses his experience to advise and assist our workplace investigators when required. Glen is committed to positioning Synergy as an industry leader in workplace investigations and mediation.

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Natalie Thomasen

Founder | General Manager

Member Association of Workplace Investigators (Australia), Mental Health First Aid trainer

Natalie brings nearly 20 years of investigative and HR experience to the table every time she engages with a new client. Her role is not just about ensuring the smooth running of every investigation, assisting our investigators and upholding our rigorous standards, it’s about facilitating an environment of support for our clients, recognising that many have never conducted a workplace investigation before. Natalie genuinely cares about our clients and their people and her passion for creating harmonious workplaces comes through in everything she does.

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Michele Sternberg

Operations Manager

Michele’s primary role is to implement the correct processes and practices across the organisation. Her specific duties as Operations Manager include formulating strategy, improving performance, procuring material and resources and securing legal compliance. Michele has decades of experience working in multi-national media corporations and brings a high level of enthusiasm and professionalism to the company. With strong communication skills, natural leadership qualities, knowledge of organisational effectiveness and operations management as well as being very organisationed (she’s a super Virgo), Michele is an integral member of the Synergy team.

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Nicholas Moseley

HR Technology Consultant

Nick has been a member of the Synergy team since the beginning, assisting us to stay on the cutting edge of web and desktop technology and security. Nick is an expert in HR and payroll software, helping clients to integrate the latest systems for improving efficiency and compliance. Nick is available to advise on your HR technology processes and provide cost effective solutions.

Cushla Moore

Workplace Investigator | area of speciality, HR Consulting, Government Investigations

Cushla is a licensed private investigator and qualified HR professional with close to 15 years experience in this field. Having had extensive experience leading workplace investigations in both public and private sector organisations, she has an appreciation for the demands put on an organisation when undertaking a sensitive or complicated investigation. Cushla places an emphasis on the duty of care to you and your staff whilst ensuring a thorough and procedurally accurate investigation is conducted. A practical and pragmatic approach to the assignment is guaranteed.

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Chris Rice

Workplace Investigator | Area of specialty, Not for Profit, Disability Support & Aged Care

Chris has over 25 years’ experience working in the Community Services and Not-for-Profit sector, having worked in roles from direct care through to senior management and board positions. Chris has also worked in government departments helping to roll out legislative requirements for service providers and, for the past few years, has been part of the Official Visitor program working with prisoners. Chris’s personable yet meticulous approach to investigations has made him one of Synergy’s more sought-after investigators. He has extensive experience dealing with Code of Conduct matters including workplace bullying.

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Jeff Raftery

Workplace Investigator | Area of Specialty, Serious Misconduct Investigations

Jeff has over 30 year’s investigation experience in government as a member of the NSW Police Service, in the private sector as a Senior Investigator servicing a Commonwealth contract and, for the past 8 years as a Synergy investigator. Over that time, he has worked on numerous and varied workplace investigations all over the country, most notably, investigations involving serious misconduct in independent schools. Jeff is known for his efficient and low impact approach.

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Dr Ellen Balke

Dispute Resolution and Coaching

Ellen has a PhD in Multi Stakeholder Decision Making and Negotiation from the London School of Economics, a Psychology Degree and Masters Degree in Social Psychology.

Ellen brings decades of knowledge and experience in conflict resolution and organisational psychology to assist Synergy clients by leading facilitated discussions and one to one coaching programs in situations where personalities are affecting work performance. Over the past 8 years with Synergy, Ellen has brought harmony to many workplaces that were previously in high conflict.


Isabella Lewis

Brand Manager


Isabella graduated QUT (Queensland University of Technology) as a journalism and film student with a background in graphic design, photography, and illustration. 

At Synergy, Isabella is an all-round creative – combining her skill sets to shape and communicate our vision and mission through all online platforms. 

Isabella monitors marketing trends, and researches consumer market and competitor activities. She then applies these analytics to devise innovative growth strategies. She aims to align the company around the brand’s direction, choices, and tactics.  

Want to join the team?

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