Independent Workplace Investigations Specialist in New Zealand and Australia

Code of Conduct Policies

Being stood down or dismissed from a working role can be a heartbreaking and potentially life impacting change, so when your working life is uprooted because of seemingly innocuous acts like talking on the phone during work hours, it can seem to be obvious grounds for an unfair dismissal case unless these decisions are [...]

Workplace Investigations

Why engage an independent and impartial workplace investigations specialist to investigate code of conduct complaints such as bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and serious misconduct? Investigating workplace misconduct complaints such as bullying and sexual harassment, as well as general disputes between employees or acts of serious misconduct, can sometimes be a complex and time-consuming task. [...]

Internal Investigation Support

An external investigations consultant can be an asset to internally managed workplace investigations As a manager, business owner or HR professional, you may find yourself investigating a wide range of internal issues such as customer complaints, employee discrimination, workplace bullying and harassment, workplace injuries, unfair management decisions or inefficient business practices. All [...]

Start An Investigation

Once you have received an allegation or a formal letter of complaint from an employee, the question is then what do i do next? Heres where we help you every step of the way. STEP ONE - INITIAL BRIEFING The process begins with a phone call to our friendly, expert team who [...]

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Post Investigation Support

While the reporting of workplace harassment and bullying and the subsequent workplace investigation are critical steps toward setting things right, the process and outcomes of a workplace investigation can be upsetting for some workers and disruptive to relationships in the workplace. While actions and recommendations arising from an investigation may serve to root out [...]

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Investigations for Legal Professionals

Synergy Workplace Investigations counts several major Australian law firms, among its regular clients. These firms call upon our investigative expertise in situations where a corporate client may have a complex misconduct matter at hand and a formal workplace investigation is required in order for the facts of the matter to be established, thereby allowing [...]

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Internal Investigation Review

Conducting an internal investigation can be fraught with problems down the track, if carried out incorrectly. We can provide ongoing advice and information as you progress through the investigation. We can also review completed investigations to ensure that the rules of procedural fairness have been followed and the findings are sound and valid before [...]

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