Adapting to Change

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve moved from conducting face-to-face meetings almost exclusively, to conducting most of our investigation interviews and mediations remotely. Many of our clients are now permanently working from home and, with frequent lockdowns in Auckland and elsewhere, travel is often restricted.

Interview locations

In line with our health and safety and other risk management procedures, our investigators and mediators aren’t permitted to attend private residences or invite participants to their own homes for interviews.

This means that even outside of lockdown periods, our priority is to try to arrange interviews at a confidential meeting space away from the person’s home. If the client workplace cannot be used, we can arrange serviced offices close to where the person lives.

Video Conferencing

All of our investigators are required to follow our remote interviewing procedure which covers confidentiality, interview recording, the use of different video conferencing platforms and other important considerations to safeguard the process and ensure we’re following best practice.

On-site safety

Our investigators will attend on site whenever possible and in those cases, they are committed to following client Covid-safe policies such as mask wearing, hand sanitising and  social distancing. If there are no Covid-safe policies, our investigators will follow current public health advice.

Vaccination Policy

Whilst we encourage and support our investigators and mediators to be vaccinated, we are not legally permitted to insist on vaccination. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all of our investigators are vaccinated.


Our consultants can work with your health and safety officers to ensure your investigation is carried out safely and effectively.

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