An enterprising couple’s small town business becomes an international consulting firm.

A decade ago, a Sunshine Coast couple started a small private investigation company from their upstairs bedroom. Ten years on, that humble home business has grown into a trans-Tasman success story. Having discovered their passion for conducting workplace bullying investigations in 2012, Natalie and Glen set about building their reputation and expertise. In 2016, they moved away from private inquiry work and devoted all of their time to building a world class workplace investigations consultancy. Their company now has a team of talented workplace investigators, as well as mediators, workplace coaches, HR consultants and employment law specialists. Synergy is recognised on both side of the Tasman, as one of the longest running and most respected specialists is workplace bullying investigations.


Out team has almost two centuries of combined experience.

Our multidisciplinary team of investigators, workplace mediators, workforce coaches, HR professionals and employment law experts is available to help you address a wide array of workplace issues. Not only do we deliver meticulous investigative services, we can support you with internally conducted investigations, provide specialist advice when it comes to handling the parties to a workplace complaint or managing tricky code of conduct infringements and more serious misconduct matters, as well as helping you with policy improvements, team relationship building, training and disciplinary matters.



From the outset, our goal has been to build a well respected, reliable and ethical consultancy with a focus on assisting our clients to facilitate harmonious and safe workplaces as well as good robust outcomes when complaints arise.

We’ve achieved that and more since embarking on this journey a decade ago. Now we’ve set our sights on creating a sustainable and effective trans-Tasman specialist service that provides a one-stop shop for handling misconduct complaints and workplace conflict without the big price tag that comes with engaging a law firm.

Just as we’ve done so successfully in Australia, our mission is now to assist New Zealand employers to negotiate the many new challenges emerging in the area of workplace bullying and sexual harassment complaints management and in creating safe workplaces.

We are in the process of developing a suite of tools to help employers better investigate and manage these kinds of complaints and to empower teams through greater overall awareness about workplace bullying and sexual harassment and how they can support vulnerable team members.


Central to all of our activities is a commitment to integrity and impartiality. This means that we remain objective under all circumstances, adopting the best possible practices and policies to ensure this value stays at the forefront of everything we do.

Our longevity in the investigative services industry hinges on our dedication to excellence in all of our activities, whether it be meticulous planning, accurate reporting or quality assurance, we strive to be the best at what we do. 

Our aim is not only to provide thorough, efficient and effective investigative services to our clients, but also to remain people focused. We love hearing that our involvement has had a positive and cathartic effect on a workplace, as opposed to something disruptive and intimidating. 

We continually strive to maintain efficiency in our processes, ensuring that we deliver what is required in the most cost effective and timely way possible and we hold ourselves accountable if we don’t meet the high standards we set for ourselves.